150lb 'Cerberus' Crossbow


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150lb 'Cerberus' Crossbow



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With an extra 30lbs of draw weight over the Hornet model, this crossbow is for those looking to begin taking their hobby to the next level.

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At 150lb draw weight, this crossbow is starting to get into the 'more powerful' range of bows. Capable of sending 16" bolts downrange at 143.2 mph, this crossbow packs some serious punch.

Styled in a similar way to a sawn-off shotgun, this shorter bow doesn't have a stock reducing the size and weight, making it suitable for people who want a higher power bow but lack the space for a full size one.

Constructed with a fibreglass limb, aluminium barrel and wooden grips resulting in a durable and long-lasting target shooter. Featuring a foot stirrup on the end to hold to bow on the floor while the string is drawn back and supplied with 2 16" Aluminium bolts.

This Crossbow measures 16.5" Long x 26" Wide and weighs 1.9kg.

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