175lb Black 'Jaguar' Crossbow With Dot Sight


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175lb Black 'Jaguar' Crossbow With Dot Sight



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Rocking a huge amount of power, this 175lb recurve crossbow has everything you need to launch 16" Aluminium bolts at 245ft/s into a target of your choice.

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Identical to the standard 175lb Black Jaguar Crossbow, this one comes in a kit with a red dot sight and quiver designed to make shooting more accurate and carrying your ammunition easier.

This crossbow features powerful fibreglass limb in the traditional re-curve style, offering more power than a non-recurved arm, Aluminium barrel for durability and plastic stock providing stability during use and aiming. With a 175lb draw weight, this bow certainly doesn't mess around, capable of firing bolts at 167 mph and with a recommended range of around 25-40 meters. It will shoot further but there will be more need to compensate for bolt drop.

This bow comes with a foot stirrup to make loading easier as well as Picatinny rail for mounting aftermarket sights and accessories and even lasers. Measuring 35.25" Long x 26" Wide with removable limb this bow is compact enough for taking on shooting trips and for easy storage.

Should it be necessary, we also sell a 'cocking rope' designed to make cocking the bow a bit easier by applying additional leverage.

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