50lb 'Komodo' Pistol Crossbow


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50lb 'Komodo' Pistol Crossbow


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This simple but effective aluminium pistol crossbow provides all the power you'll need to nail bullseye after bullseye both indoor and outdoor.

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This 50lb aluminium pistol crossbow comes with 5 plastic bolts and is an ideal entry option to the world of crossbow archery. Capable of shooting bolts at 150ft per second or approximately 101mph this crossbow is certainly not lacking for power. 

Featuring a metal limb and aluminium barrel to increase power and accuracy as well as utilizing a useful pull back cocking mechanism this bow is sure not to let you down. Recommended target distance is between 15 and 35 meters as after this the bolt starts to drop and you have to aim higher. 

When cocked this crossbow automatically engages a safety level to avoid accidental discharge. 

This bow measures 12.8" x 16.5" and weighs 0.61kg, 0.21kg more than the plastic model. 

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