80lb Rapture Zombie Pistol Crossbow


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80lb Rapture Zombie Pistol Crossbow


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The Zombie self cocking crossbow is a high quality 80lb pistol bow capable of sending bolts down range at over 100mph.

Full Description

This is a ZOMBIE variant of the highest end pistol crossbow we sell. Featuring full, Aluminium construction with fibreglass cross limb and unusual self-cocking action. Simply hold the front tooth and rear lever and bend down the middle after depressing the locking latch down and the crossbow draws its own string.

During the self-cocking action a safety lever is automatically engaged to ensure safe operation at all times during use. For this bow, we recommend the heavier aluminium bolts capable of being sent downrange at over 100mph.

This crossbow also benefits from a moulded hand foregrip such that it can be used either one or two-handed.

This bow is extremely powerful, and a lot of fun to shoot. Care should be taken to avoid pointing it at anything alive or you don't want to accidentally break. Crossbow shooting is an amazingly fun sport and extremely rewarding for whole families with strict supervision.

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