80lb 'Scorpion' Pistol Crossbow -


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80lb 'Scorpion' Pistol Crossbow -



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With a powerful sting, just like a Scorpion this pistol crossbow fires heavier aluminium bolts with exceptional force and accuracy deep into your target.

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A step up from the 50lb pistol crossbows, this 80lb provides a little extra kick when shooting. Capable of firing aluminium bolts at 160ft/s or approximately 109mph with exceptional accuracy this bow's recommended range is 15-40 meters before bolt drop starts to affect aiming. 

Featuring a fibreglass limb and plastic barrel to increase power and accuracy as well as utilizing a useful pull back cocking mechanism this crossbow is sure not to let you down. 

When cocked this crossbow automatically engages a safety level to avoid accidental discharge. 

This bow measures 17" x 16.5" and weighs 0.48kg. 

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