Handmade Roja Katana


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Handmade Roja Katana



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An attractively unusual design makes this sword stand out from the rest. Perfect for Iaido sword practice.

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This Roja sword is a unique combination of modern lines and ancient Japanese sword technology. Featuring a studded Tsuka (Handle) made from wood wrapped in dark faux leather and decorated with metallic studs aiding grip during use. Combined with an alloy spiral shaped guard designed to deflect sword strikes away from the Samurai's hands.

This sword's 27.3 inch Carbon Steel blade is housed in a glossy black Saya (Sheath) with elaborately tied Sageo (cotton string) and supplied with wooden display stand for storage. 

Blade Material Stainless Steel
Blade Length 693mm
Blade Thickness 4mm
Handle Length 324mm
Handle Material Wood with Metal Studs
Overall Length 1017mm
Blade Shape Japanese Tanto
Blade Grind Flat
Sheath Wooden Saya
Weight 1000g


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