Arya's Needle Straight Sword

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Arya's Needle Straight Sword

SKU : ANG-547


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Straight from Game of Thrones, one of our times most popular TV shows, we present: Arya Stark's 'Needle'.

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Specially made by Mikken for Arya Stark, Needle is a small, slender sword designed with Arya's small stature in mind. Used in the style of "Water Dancing" this sword was capable of feats of combat much beyond it's small size. Named needle both in reference to it's slender design and Arya's hatred of needlework, the sword came to symbolise her previous life in Winterfell.

Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Blade Length: 22.50"
Blade Thickness: 3mm
Handle Length

Handle Material: Stainless Steel
Overall Length: 31.70"
Blade Shape: Dagger/Spear
Blade Grind: Sabre
Sheath: None

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