Batman Style Twin Lock Knife and Triple Thrower Set

Batman Style Twin Lock Knife and Triple Thrower Set

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Awesome Batman Knife Set. Be your own hero with this double bladed lock knife and 3 x Batarang style throwers.

Regular Price: £22.99

Special Price £18.99

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Batman Style Double Lock Knife:

One of our newer items, this batman styled knife is a great prop and collectors item that has the advantage of also being functional! It comes with 2 x 3.3" blades that both curved and straight edges. Both are made from stainless steel and come with dual tone black and satin colours. The blades open on opposite ends of the knife for a total length of 11" completing the 'Batarang' style look.

The handle is made from Aluminium in the shape of a bat and comes decorated with batman logo and design. This is an incredible cool item, one that no batman fan should be without!

Blade Material Stainless Steel
Blade Length 3.3"
Blade Thickness 3mm
Handle Length 5.8"
Handle Material Aluminium
Overall Length 11"
Blade Shape Bat Shaped
Blade Grind Sabre 
Sheath None
Weight 161g


Batman Style 3 x Throwing Knife Set:

Brand new, incredibly cool and extremely fun to throw. This set of three bat shaped throwing knives include 2 sharpened points that make a stick when thrown much more likely than just one sharpened edge. All three of these knives feature 2" of straight blade with 3" of curved edge allowing for plenty of target sticking potential.
These are sold in threes', but we recommend buying multiple as they are so much fun to throw - there is nothing worse than having to walk down range every three throws to pick your ammo back up!

These knives only have two sharpened points so are perfectly legal to own and throw to your hearts content. (On private land with permission of course.) 

Blade Material Stainless Steel
Blade Length 2" Flat, 3" Curved
Blade Thickness 3mm
Handle Length N/A
Handle Material Stainless Steel
Overall Length 5.7"
Blade Shape Bat
Blade Grind Scandi Edges
Sheath Black Nylon


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