The end may well be nigh: The Home Office has announced a public consultation on the potential change to the laws we currently have to deal with in our day to day lives. For some reason, they believe that making more knives illegal and banning home delivery will have some effect on knife crime in the UK.

Either they're doing this because they actually believe it will work, or because they want to play up to the voters and be seen 'doing something'. We all know that criminals don't follow the laws as they are, so why would anyone think that additional bans will prevent them committing the crimes they are already going to commit. It took me less than 10 seconds to purchase a sharp kitchen knife in a local high-street store earlier this week, banning the sale of hobbyist items and removing home delivery won't even touch the knife crime statistic! 

Unless we act now, it's entirely possible that we, and near all other knife retailers in the UK will vanish overnight. The sale of knives we collect for our hobbies, or use for our jobs will be almost entirely wiped out overnight. Additionally, it could mean that our spring assisted knives, bearing folders and even basic flipper knives will be outlawed. Potentially being added to the offensive weapons list resulting in lawful citizens having their collections raided and confiscated. Not to mention the following criminal records for doing nothing wrong!

We need a massive action in order to limit the scope of these potential new rules. We need a huge letter writing campaign to our MP's, the Houses of Parliament and anyone who will listen. If you haven't already, please get a letter sent, make that phone call or send that e-mail. Anything you can do to let the Government know that we aren't OK with the new rules in their current form. As the public consultation begins in the coming weeks, we need to ensure that as many of us as possible write and let them know that this isn't OK!

For more information, you can visit our take action page here:

You can also find a pre-written e-mail that I have made public domain, free to re-use, modify and distribute at the above link. 
Please share this around, get the word out and take action. 

There is no time to be complacent here, if we don't make every effort we can, the UK is going to become a dead-zone for knife collectors. Our hobbies will be crushed and we'll have let yet another freedom be stripped from us. 

Please help us stop this!

Good Luck!

- DNA Leisure

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