Crossbow laws and Limitations in the UK

There seems to be some confusion on the laws regarding crossbows in the UK. I've seen it a number of times - people asking if there's a power limit or if there is some restriction on buying them or even if there is a maximum number you're allowed to own!

The long and short of it is yes, Crossbows are completely legal to own. There are however, a number of restrictions. 

1) You cannot purchase a crossbow if you're under the age of 18. 

2) You cannot have your crossbow in any public place in much the same way you can't carry a normal bow or the majority of knives.

3) Crossbow hunting is comepletely illegal, you cannot hunt or shoot any living thing with a crossbow. 

There are no power limits on crossbows in the UK. The confusion stems from competition use where they are much more strict about the power. We see this one a lot, but we can confirm, there is no upper limit on crossbow power. However, if the bow has less than a 1.4kg (approx 3lb) draw the above restrictions don't apply. 

There is also no limiation on number you're allowed to own - feel free to have as many as you like, provided you're sensible and follow the basic rules you're sure to have a good time.

Crossbows are a fun, and relatively safe way to target shoot provided common sense is used. Don't shoot without a solid backstop, or on land where you don't have express permission, even better if it's in writing. Ensure you treat the bow with respect and it'll be a great investment - all the accessories and maintenance equipment is widely available online, you can find it and bolts etc on our store here.

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