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GelSoft Golden EAGLE

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GelSoft Golden EAGLE


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The GelSoft Eagle pistol it's a great all-rounder that offers a winning combination of good looks, ample features and unbeatable performance. This fabulous GelSoft gun has been our most popular seller because it delivers on range, power, looks and of course, price. The GelSoft Eagle provides real value for money and is available in four striking flavours including two funky graffiti finishes. For more specifications see full details below.

Regular Price: £24.95

Special Price £19.95

GelSoft Golden EAGLE

GelSoft is all about having fun and the GelSoft Eagle pistol delivers just that allowing you to get in on the action whether your plinking or having a skirmish shoot out. The GelSoft Eagle pistol shoots soft gel ammunition accurately up to 20 meters – the ammo contains mainly water making it fully biodegradable and great for the environment. On impact, the ammo bursts or simply bounces off the target.

The GelSoft Eagle has a lightweight polymer body with a hand large grip that's great for single or double-handed use. The mock silencer screws to the front of the barrel and the laser sight/torch is mounted on the lower RIS rail which also provides access to the battery compartment.

The Eagle has a fully automatic firing mode but can also fire a single round with a press and release of the trigger. Ammo is loaded into the mock telescope, fillport hopper, which is situated on the top of the pistol; the ammo loads automatically and fires up to four rounds per second on fully automatic mode.

What’s in the box

The GelSoft Eagle is supplied with 3000 rounds of ammo, a mixing bottle, fillport hopper, torch and laser sight, safety glasses, USB charger and battery pack, silencer. The GelSoft Eagle is simple to assemble and does not require any tools.

What's in the box - GelSoft Eagle

GelSoft Eagle Components

What are GelSoft Guns?

Gelsoft guns are very similar to paintball guns. They fire water based ammo that pops/bursts on impact. The guns are not considered weapons because of this system and their comparatively lower power output. Compared to airsoft guns which fire fire hard plastic ammo, our GelSoft ammo is soft and squishy which means they aren't intended as weapons and are unlikely to cause injury.

​GelSoft™ pistols or rifles are battery operated, low-powered guns which fire small gel balls similar to paintballs, but smaller. As long as users wear eye protection and do not shoot each other at close range they do not pose any risk of injury.​

​GelSoft™ guns should never be used in circumstances where alarm or distress may be caused to others. Remember, it is an offence to have any type of imitation firearm in a public place without a reasonable excuse and you may be arrested.

​We only sell GelSoft™ guns to those over 18 years old and you may be required to undergo an age verification process.​ You do not have to be over 18 to use a GelSoft™ gun but under 18's must have adult supervision.​

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