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Discover your perfect lock knife in our great range of folding utility knives

"We have a vast selection of folding knives available in a wide range of finishes and blade styles"

Locking knives are designed to fold back into the handle when not in use and lock open for cutting. Our Range features knives designed for all kinds of utility. Long curved blades for slicing all the way to reinforced Tanto points for piercing. Nothing says utility more than a well chosen pocket knife. We have everything from tactical clip point and tanto designs as well as people friendly sheepsfoot and wharncliff versions with stunning, gentlemanly handle materials such as bone and polished steel.

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  • Smith & Wesson SWCK404 Extreme Ops Framelock Knife

  • Smith & Wesson SWCK105HDCP Extreme Ops Linerlock Knife

  • Smith & Wesson SW111 Extreme Ops Linerlock Knife

  • Smith & Wesson SW1100060 Linerlock Combo Knife

  • Smith & Wesson SW105BKEU Extreme Ops Linerlock Knife Open

  • SOG SOG12630157 Ultra XR Graphite Lock Knife Gold

  • SOG SOG12630157 Ultra XR Graphite Lock Knife

  • Real Steel RS7931 Real Slim Framelock Knife Open

  • Real Steel RS7794 H7 Special Edition Lockback Knife Open

  • Real Steel RS7467 Sidus Free Linerlock Knife

  • Real Steel RS7451 Terra Linerlock Knife

  • Rough Ryder RR2130 Galaxy Lightning Linerlock Knife

  • Rough Ryder RR2080 High Carbon Linerlock Knife Open

  • Rough Ryder RR1983 Dual Tone Linerlock Knife Open

  • Ruike RKEP848B P848 Linerlock Knife

  • Ruike RKEL11B L11 Large Folding Knife

  • Ontario ON8798SB Wraith Ice Series Lockback Knife Open

  • Marbles MR204 Safety Folder Lock Knife Open

  • Marbles MR101 Folding Bowie Knife Both

  • Mcusta MCU186D Lined Blue Pakkawood Linerlock Knife Open

  • Mcusta MCU17V VG-10 Sculpted Pakkawood Linerlock Knife Open

  • Mcusta MCU10V VG-10 Blue Micarta Linerlock Knife Open

  • Kershaw KS8700 Shuffle Linerlock Knife Open

  • Kershaw KS7007CF Natrix Sub Framelock CF Knife Open

  • Kershaw KS6074OLBLK Emerson CQC-5K Linerlock Knife - OD Green

  • Kershaw KS6055D2 CQC-4KXL Framelock Knife Open

  • Kershaw KS6044TBLK Emerson CQC-8K Linerlock Knife

  • Kershaw KS6034D2 Emerson CQC-6K Framelock Knife Open

  • Kershaw KS6031D2 CQC-11K Framelock Knife Open

  • Kershaw KS6030 CQC-10K Framelock Knife Open

  • Kershaw KS4383 Culpepper Slipjoint Knife Open

  • Kershaw KS2050 Mixtape Linerlock Knife Open

  • Kershaw KS2045 Decibel Framelock Knife Main

  • Kershaw KS2035 Parsec Framelock Knife Main

  • Kershaw KS1920 Select Fire Multi Tool Lock Knife Main

  • Kershaw KS1190 Kapsule Sliding Button Lock Knife Main

Grid List

Set Ascending Direction

1-36 of 575

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