Machetes - longer and wider knives with full tang handles designed for cutting and clearing brush or shrubbery. They're often featured in films and are perfect for survival and long term camping. We have a good range of Machete offerings and likely have something to tackle every conceivable cutting task. Never has a cross between a knife and an axe been more useful with new, high tech steel metallurgy and clever designs that maximise cutting power. 

We very highly recommend the Kalahari Machete from Anglo Arms which can be found by clicking: here.

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  • MTech USA MT-20-07M Fixed Blade Machete

  • Survivor SV-MHT003M Machete

  • Elk Ridge ERE-MHT004-BO 21.5" Machete

  • Elk Ridge Evolution ERE-MHT001M Machete

  • Elk Ridge Evolution ERE-MHT001L Machete

  • Schrade KM1 Large Kurki Machete SCHKM1

  • Kershaw Camp 12 Parang Machete

  • Cold Steel Kukri Machete

  • Cold Steel Royal Kukri Machete

  • Cold Steel Barong Machete

  • Cold Steel Latin Machete

  • Survivor SV-MHT003L Machete

  • SCK CW-K711 Hunting Knife

  • Double Rambo Last Blood Knife Set

    Double Bowie Knife Set

    Regular Price: £59.95

    Special Price £49.95

  • Rambo Last Blood Bowie Knife

  • Rambo Last Blood Heartstopper Knife

  • Elk Ridge ER-MHT002H Machete

  • Colombian Rescue Sawback Kukri With Sheath

  • Survivor 25" Filigree Machete

  • Survivor Extreme Cleaver Fixed Blade

  • USMC Fallout Tactical Kukri

  • Elk Ridge 24.25" Semi-Tanto Machete

  • Anglo Arms Satin Modern Kukri

    Anglo Arms Satin Modern Kukri

    Regular Price: £16.95

    Special Price £14.95

  • Anglo Arms Blackout Kukri

  • Survivor Extreme Clip Fixed Blade

  • Elk Ridge D-Guard 21.5" Machete

  • Elk Ridge 7" Spring Steel Camp Machete

  • 26" Eli's Kukri Machete Sheath

  • Anglo Arms D-Guard 22" Machete Main

  • Survivor 20" Kukri Machete with Guard

  • Survivor XL Bolo Machete

  • Survivor Flat Tip Machete

  • Survivor Seax Style Machete

  • Elk Ridge 8.75" Camp Machete

  • Jungle Master 25" Mirror Finished Machete

    Jungle Master 25" Mirror Finished Machete

    Regular Price: £29.95

    Special Price £24.95

  • MTech-Tactical-Black-Kukri-Machete

Grid List

Set Ascending Direction

1-36 of 67

  1. 1
  2. 2