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Must have martial arts equipment for combat and personal protection training

"Perfect for training in multiple martial arts or fighting systems"

We have training guns, swords, balisongs, Kung-Fu fans, Nunchaku and more! Perfect for aspiring or dedicated Martial Artists alike. Our full range of training products can complement almost any style of Martial art from Wushu right the way over to Jiujutsu. We are especially fond of the training Balisongs. The closest you can get to the real thing here in the UK!

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  • Golan Rainbow Training Balisong (Unsharpenable) Main Image

  • Split-Design-Ninja-Swords

  • Stainless Steel Roman Gladius Sword

  • Black-Rubber-Training-Gun

  • Dragon Head Samurai Sword Letter Opener

  • Hardwood-Round-Brown-Nunchaku

    HP1001-C Hardwood Round Brown Nunchaku

    Regular Price: £19.99

    Special Price £9.99

  • Modern Roman Gladius Sword

  • Polypropylene 35" Curved Chinese War Training Sword

  • Farb Gel Criminal Identifier Spray

  • Sub-hilt-Training-Knife

  • Steel Roman Gladius Sword

  • Nunchaku dragons in two-tone black and brown wood

  • Hardwood Round Black Nunchaku

  • Martial Arts Black Striped Escrima Stick

  • 2309C Octagonal 15" Training Sai

  • Hardwood-Bokken-Straight-Sword

  • Padded-Red-Nunchaku

    Padded Red Nunchaku

    Regular Price: £13.99

    Special Price £7.95

  • Hard-Foam-Sparring-Bokken-Red

  • 2311C Octagonal 19.5" Training Sai

  • Nunchaku cobra and eagle, in brown wood with steel chain

  • Japanese Sword Cleaning Set

  • 1403-Z Nunchaku Pouch (Nunchucks not included)

  • Blue Samurai Sword Letter Opener

  • Metal Kung-Fu Fan - Red

  • 24"-Polypropylene-Bokken-Curved-Sword

  • Padded-Blue-Nunchaku

    Padded Blue Nunchaku

    Regular Price: £13.99

    Special Price £7.95

  • HP1001-B Hardwood Round All Black Nunchaku

  • Polypropylene Bokken Tai Chi Straight Sword

  • Padded White Nunchaku

  • Yellow-Rubber-Training-Gun

  • Off Grid Tools OGTBFISH Fishing and Hunting Kit

  • Off Grid Tools OGTBFAM Pocket First Aid Kit

  • Bat-Style-Throwing-Knives-Main
  • Rainbow-Ninja-Sword

    Out of stock

  • 28"-Black-Ninja-Sword

    28" Black Ninja Sword

    Regular Price: £18.99

    Special Price £14.99

    Out of stock

  • Anglo Arms Split Design Ninja Swords Main

Grid List

Set Ascending Direction

1-36 of 77

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