Masahiro (まさひろ) Katana


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Masahiro (まさひろ) Katana



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A phenomenal hand forged Japanese Katana. Made from amazingly high quality high carbon steel measuring a massive 7mm thick!

Full Description

This incredibly authentic Japanese Katana is a true statement of quality. Hand forged from high carbon steel and then heat treated to a much higher strength for a longer lasting cutting edge. With a blade measuring 28" of pure cutting power, this Katana is more than capable of Japanese Iaido and test cutting. This sword features a wire brushed Hamon line and deep Bo-Hi (commonly [and incorrectly] called a blood-groove) which makes an audible noise when swung correctly.

The Tsuka (handle) is finely crafted from genuine rayskin (Same) with black cotton handle wrap (Tsuka Ito) and attractive black ornament (Menuki). The blade is double pegged through it's full tang into the handle for ultimate security during use. 

Also included is a gorgeous Cherry Blossom (Sakura) hand-guard (Tsuba).

All finally fitted into the black gloss sheath (Saya) with black cotton Knot (Sageo). This is an amazing sword and is fully worthy of a centre piece display. 

Blade Material High Carbon Steel
Blade Length 28"
Blade Thickness 7mm
Handle Length 11.5"
Handle Material Wood, Same and cotton
Overall Length 41"
Blade Shape Japanese Tanto
Blade Grind Full Flat
Sheath Wooden Saya


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