The Government has announced plans to ban online knife retailers from being allowed to deliver to you, our valued customers! 

The new legislation is set to ban online retailers from posting knives to your home addresses, restricting sales to face to face pick up from shops. This will effectively destroy all online knife sales in the UK and force nearly all retailers out of business. Resulting in losses of jobs, livelihoods and passions. 

It's extremely important that we all, retailers, buyers and traders alike act now in order to show our democratic government that the actions of a minuscule minority do not represent us!
Law abiding and caring people will be affected by these bans all because some people find knives 'scary'. 
We need to tell then that no, this legislation will not work and the best way to do this is by contacting our local MPs and writing en masse to Amber Rudd, the home secretary peacefully and politely requesting that they don't do this to us!

Please take the time to write to your local MP's, we have provided a ready made e-mail below.
You can find out who they are for you by clicking HERE.
Please also write directly to Amber Rudd if you're in the Hastings and Rye constituency.
If not, you can direct your e-mails to: to contact the home office. 

E-mails, postal letters and phone calls are going to be instrumental in helping to prevent this legislative nightmare from occurring. 

While there is still time, you can find our full range of products available HERE.

Please find our pre-written e-mail to Amber Rudd Below, free to use and adapt:

Dear Rt. Hon, Amber Rudd,

I’m writing to you regarding the proposed new legislation on purchasing knives and having them delivered to residential addresses within the UK. Not only this, but the redefinition of flick knives to include knives that are widely (and legally) used and collected in the UK. We would like to express our utter disbelief that this legislation is even being proposed.

First, let me list a range of professions, professionals and hobbyists that will be affected by making it hard or impossible to purchase the tools of their trade:

  • Builders
  • Chefs
  • Plumbers
  • Carpenters
  • Fishermen
  • Warehouse Operators
  • Firemen
  • Police
  • Paramedics
  • Martial Artists
  • Knife Collectors
  • Sculptors
  • Gardeners
  • Butchers
  • Anyone who uses Multi-tools for work
  • And so on.

Second, please consider the retailers who will be put out of business. There are hundreds of thousands of pounds of stock already in the UK being sold legally and legitimately to customers over the age of 18. ID’s are always checked; this is something that all major retailers are extremely strict about as they understand the implications of having under-age buyers.

Knife crime in the UK is unfortunately common, but this isn’t because of online knife sales. The problem should be addressed by looking at the individuals involved in crime and dealing directly with them. Criminal gangs and individuals are not purchasing expensive cutting tools online for use in crime, they’re opportunists; using culinary knives from the likes of pound shops and unattended kitchen drawers.

As always, it’s not the tool it’s the person, a knife on its own is not dangerous to anyone. This is the basis for our opposition to the proposed legislation – there is no realistic way for the proposals to actually combat knife crime or crime in general. Take a test case in Derby, UK. A young man was stabbed to death with a knife that’s on the banned knife list. Not only this, but the murderer was under 18. Both steps are illegal. Then, the stabbing, the most illegal part. It still happened, because it’s not the tools, it’s the people. A screwdriver can be a lethal weapon if used as such, take the case of the burglar recently, but there are no such proposals to ban online sales of screwdrivers, garden shears, scissors, hammers, sharp sticks, stones, hands and fists.

Of the tens of thousands of collectors in the UK there is almost zero crime committed with these specialised cutting tools. The crimes are committed by gangs and people using kitchen knives in opportunistic attacks. All the proposed legislation would accomplish is penalising law-abiding citizens, professionals and collectors, reducing their access to the tools of their trades and hobbies while doing absolutely nothing to target knife crime in the UK.

On behalf of the aforementioned professionals, collectors and enthusiasts I call on you to rethink the proposed legislation. In its current format it will wipe out numerous businesses and seriously hinder the remainder. Tax paid by these companies will be slashed as they collapse and are unable to make ends meet.

Instead of hurting home grown British businesses our efforts should be focussed on funding community spaces, youth centres and schools. Not attacking law abiding citizens who only wish to carry out their trades and hobbies safely and legally. If nothing else, our efforts should be focussed on restricting violent individual’s activities instead of the tools used by millions and misused by a miniscule minority.

For you to reassure us that this proposed new legislation is not just politically motivated; would you be willing to purchase all the current stock held in numerous warehouses around the country. Hundreds of thousands of pounds in stock will be flash sold to recoup the potential losses from this legislative change. Purchasing these stocks from the various online retailers would prove to us that the proposed changes in legislation are not just politically motivated and the change is genuinely intended reduce crime.

As always, we're fully committed to finding solutions to knife crime, we're completely open to discussions on the subject and would appreciate being involved in the decision-making process. We're in the best possible position to suggest changes being the end users, retailers and collectors that would be affected by the proposed changes. 

Finally, please also consider this – the tax revenue you will lose by destroying online outdoor and adventure/hobby businesses could have paid for 5000 or more police officers to combat crime. This would have been far superior to losing the revenue plus the many man hours that will be put into ineffective feel-good legislation.

Thank you for taking the time to read this e-mail. I truly hope you choose to rethink the current legislation as time has repeatedly shown it to be ineffective. In this configuration, It’s only likely to seriously hinder millions of people across the UK. Not to mention the hundreds of people who may lose their livelihoods due to this unwarranted prohibition. Please vote against this new legislation when the time comes in parliament, together we can come up with a much more effective solution. 

Kindest Regards,
A peaceful, law abiding knife user/collector.