Our Growing Range of Desirable Swords

Swords that span centuries both in style and application, including samurai katanas, gladiator and collectible movie swords

We're constantly adding to our range of swords and we currently stock a wide range of early European all the way to Far Eastern Katana Swords. We also have sets of 3 swords with stands as well as a range of swords directly from films, TV, and anime. Our favourite being the Michonne Katana from AMC's "The Walking Dead" which features a 27" sharp curved blade made in traditional hand-forged Japanese style.

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  • 2311C Octagonal 19.5" Training Sai

  • Roman Gladius Style Sword ZS927

  • Decorative Middle Ages Dagger ZS7173

  • Ornate Ceremonial Roman Sword P648B

  • Bilbo's/Frodo's LOTR Theme Medieval Dagger BY-024C with Plaque

  • Ornate Fantasy Serrated Sword

  • United Cutlery Hobbit Morgul Dagger with Plaque

  • C-87 Roman Gladius 'Battle' Sword

  • 2309C Octagonal 15" Training Sai

  • HK-6183 Twin Black Ninja Swords

  • HK-3416 16" Medieval Short Sword

  • Japanese SW-1288 Naginata Pole Sword

  • Deadpool Twin Katana Sword Set

  • The Hobbit Mirkwood Double-Bladed Polearm

  • Cold Steel CS-88BT O Tanto Fixed Blade Knife

  • Cold Steel CS-39LSFCT Leatherneck Tanto

  • Cold Steel CS-35AD San Mai Magnum Tanto IX

  • Cold Steel CS-35AC San Mai Magnum Tanto II

    Cold Steel CS-35AC San Mai Magnum Tanto II

    Regular Price: £249.95

    Special Price £199.95

  • Fantasy Master FM-674 Fantasy Short Sword

  • Handmade Samurai Sword Set

  • 34" Ming Imperial Dynasty Sword

  • 300 Spartan High Carbon Steel Sword

  • Survivor HK-1482 Red Flame Samurai Fantasy Sword

  • Jason and the Argonauts Argo Sword

  • 300 Spartan Leonidas Sword

  • Honshu D2 Conqueror Bowie Knife

  • Handmade Lucky Charm Katana

  • Brandon's Bane Ancient Warrior Fantasy Dagger

  • Handmade Komorebi Katana

  • Sword of the Hand Wedding Cake Knife

  • The Witcher Style Sword with Scabbard

  • The Witcher Geralt De Rivia Style Sword with Scabbard

  • HK-26078 Fantasy Sword

  • KS-5918BK Rapier Sword

  • The Witcher 3 Legendary Wolven Sword

  • Honshu Spartan Sword And Sheath

Grid List

Set Ascending Direction

1-36 of 163

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
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